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Web 2.0: Does Presentation Matter Anymore?

May 13, 2005

In the first article for their new Digital Web Magazine column, "Web 2.0 Design: Bootstrapping the Social Web," Richard MacManus and Joshua Porter discuss the future of the web and its impact on design.

[The] Web 2.0 not defined as much by place and is less about visual style. XML is the currency of choice in Web 2.0, so words and semantics are more important than presentation and layout. Content moves around and is accessible by programmatic means. In a very real sense, we’re now designing more for machines than for people.

The HTML Editor Shuffle

May 11, 2005

If the tools we use are indicative of our personalities, then call me Eve, 'cause I've got multiples. When I work on a design, my screen bristles with open tabs, and I jump around from one HTML editor to another so much I sometimes forget which one I'm in.

Dreamhost Really Is All It's Cracked Up to Be

April 22, 2005

I just moved my sites to a new host, which is one reason my posts have been sketchy of late. A few weeks ago I read a rave by D. Keith Robinson about Dreamhost's web panel and went to check them out myself. I was really impressed with them and all you get with an account--particularly the ability to host up to 15 domain names on the same space. Wow. No more awkward redirects for this girl. I signed up and moved everything over that day. I was a little concerned about support. They don't offer telephone support, although I heard a rumor that that may be coming soon. Still, I ran into a problem with an email address and wrote to Tech Support.


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