Mommy's Feeling Guilty

May 1, 2005

The other day my four-year-old, who still says "baf" for "bath" and "boke" for "broke," clearly and distinctly asked for a "Kids Cuisine" for dinner. Most dads would simply rejoice at such improvement in articulation. But I, being a mom, am racked by guilt. Have I been working too much? Am I selfishly choosing career over motherhood? Am I neglecting my basic motherly duties? Will she get rickets? Good god, my little one can perfectly pronounce a brandname child's frozen dinner before she can even say "f'ozen."

Leftover Brisket

April 25, 2005

Since I decided to move my sites over to Dreamhost, I thought I'd give them a redesign at the same time...even though I have a design due to a client this week.

Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of periodic temporary insanity. A type of strange Internet-related premenopausal syndrome or something. Because I actually believed I could do all this and work with CSS for the first time without losing my mind. On second thought, maybe it's a form of megalomania.

CSS Benefits Tylenol Stockholders

April 24, 2005

All right. I've done it. Sort of. I finally finished my first CSS designed site. It took me two days and half a bottle of Tylenol to accomplish what I used to whip off, half-asleep, in two hours. I also had to apologize to my kids twice and my husband once for snapping at them. I don't foresee my mood improving anytime soon.


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