This Office Never Closes

December 5, 2006

Working on the web is a lot like working in Las Vegas. Just like Sin City, the web never closes, and what we're working on is frequently a crap shoot. Now if we could just get free cocktails... This weekend my husband shuffled bleary-eyed into the family room at dawn and halted. "You're still up?" I waved a hand and kept on typing. "Um hm..." "It's 6:30 in the morning." "I know, but I couldn't help it. I'm trying to figure out how to build dynamic menu chunks in Drupal. I think I almost have it figured out. If I could just find a way to meld the Category module with the--" I heard the shower go on in the bathroom and realized I was alone. I don't know why people, especially family members, find it so annoying when we work nights. Lots of people work night shifts. Emergency room personnel work nights all the time and I never hear anyone complain about them. I've often thought that web development offered the perfect opportunity for bringing in two incomes without doing much extra work. Working the night shift at a motel or the local mortuary couldn't be all that busy, and think of the code you could plow through. Plus, no one would think you were weird for being on the computer all night because, after all, you were "at work." The truth is, I'm glad the web never shuts down. I like working at night when the phone never rings and no one bothers to send you shiploads of email. Once in a while in the early morning, I'll run out for donuts or the paper and see our neighbor who works at the corner convenience store coming home. We nod to each other, two compadres with pasty white complexions. My world, I think, is very similar to his. Open 24-hours, the web is the ultimate convenience store. Just without the gunmen.