The Perfect Notebook Case

November 9, 2006

I've been looking for the perfect bag. It can't be just any old thing. I need something big enough to carry my laptop, my lunch, my phone and wallet and keys, assorted manuals, a power adapter, an odd cable or two, a sweater, and a few books. That's a lot to shlep halfway across campus. So I decided it also has to be on wheels. eBags backpack After much searching, I finally found the one. The eBags Router Wheeled Laptop Convertible is eBags' own product, and you can tell it was made by people in the business. It has a laptop compartment large enough for my new 17" MacBook, plus more than enough room for everything else I lug along. For the last few weeks I've been bumping it up and down steps and curbs and hauling it in and out of the car, and I'm really impressed with how sturdy it is. Mostly I like having my own mini-office wherever I go. There's a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency in having everything I need in one small, mobile bag beside me. New-age urban nomad. Yeah, that's me. Have wireless, will travel.


That bag is a beast!
You could take a desktop in that.
Good job its got wheels :)