Going Over to the MacDark Side

September 6, 2006

They were troubled times--times of strife and turmoil, man against man, browser against browser. Into this chaos of lawlessness, brutality and disregard for web standards, stepped a new contender. Sleek and powerful in a case of shining armor, the champion strode onto the field of battle bearing a new and mighty weapon that made strong Windows men quake and PC women swoon. Parallel, he called it, and fascinated, the people flocked to him... After over 10 years of staunchly defending the ruling party, I am switching sides. Yes, that's right. I'm going over to the macrebels. Don't bother to try to talk me out of it. It's no use. Call me a traitor. Tell me I've been seduced by a handsome case and dubious technology. I've heard it all. My mind's made up. I've put in my order. The POs been printed. I'm going over to the MacDark side and its promsie that I can have it all. Look for further reports on what life is like in macrebel camp.