A Mother's Prerogative

June 19, 2005

Although my husband and I aren't particularly religious, our kids attend a Jewish Day School. Recently, I went to pick up the kids in the afternoon as usual, and my 6-year-old's teacher pulled me aside.

"Do you know what your son and another boy were playing on the playground at recess today?" she asked.

My heart sort of paused for an instance. I know my son. Hesitantly, I shook my head.

"Moses," she said. "Moses and the ten commandments."

I practically sagged with relief. I would have guessed Darth Vader and Star Wars, but so what? Moses was cool. This was a Jewish school. This was a good thing, right?

"David was playing Moses," she went on, naming a school mate. "And do you know who your son was?"

I shook my head again.


All the way home, I couldn't stop myself grinning and silently cheering, "Atta, boy."

Never take second billing.