MAMP Causing Strange Problems in Adium

March 26, 2008

I thought if I started acting like a real developer, maybe it would improve my code. So, I decided to install and start using MAMP on my Mac to develop locally. Mind you, this programming stuff doesn't come naturally to me. I had to ask a few questions now and then of some of my developer friends, but eventually I sort of got it working. Now I've got another problem with MAMP. Somehow it's causing very strange problems in Adium, my IM client.

Here's a screenshot of Adium when I first fire it up: Adium when first started And here's another after just a few moments: Adium after a minute or 2 I can't figure out what's wrong. Anyone have any ideas?


You may want to try using xampp instead (or even the built in apache/php setup). I find MAMP to be a little flaky.

I used Pidgin IM program.
It interlinks with all the popular IM protocols and can also log into multiple msn accounts at once while in a yahoo account.. dont know if it works on mac though, but does support Win and Lin