A Holiday Gift

December 26, 2007

FreeRice vocabulary game In the spirit of the holiday season, play a word game, have some fun and give a gift, all at the same time. FreeRice is more than a fun online vocabulary game. For each word definition you get right, you're donating 20 grains of rice to the United Nation's World Food Program. Twenty grains may not sound like much, but as you can see by the totals for Christmas Day, it adds up. Begun in October 7, 2007, the FreeRice campaign has already provided for 11,365,119,430 grains of rice—enough to feed more than half a million people. The site is run by creator John Breen, an Indiana computer programmer who got the idea while helping his son study for the SATs. Donations are generated by advertising page-views-per-visitor. The World Food Program distributes the rice to over 75 countries. Want to donate more than 20 grains per word? You can give a gift online to the WFP. Just US $8.25 provides for a 25 kilo sack of rice. Businesses and organizations interested in joining the fight against world hunger can obtain more information here.