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Why Aren't Women More Prominent on the Web?

April 1, 2005

Speaking of women…I read an interesting quote in Molly Holzschlag's Women Bloggers Just Ain't Good Enough:

Here's a different explanation for why the blogosphere is dominated by white males: because they're the ones producing the best product. Sorry, ladies, but there aren't as many of us engaged in aggressive, competitive opinionizing and nonstop consumption of politics as our male tormentors. --Heather MacDonald

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

March 20, 2005

When I started this business in January, a few short months ago, I'd already built quite a few web sites for friends and local organizations, and I'd been the webmaster of a large site for 5 years. I could write HTML in my sleep. I had some learning to do, yes. But I told myself I could easily master a few new tricks.


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