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Mommy's Feeling Guilty

May 1, 2005

The other day my four-year-old, who still says "baf" for "bath" and "boke" for "broke," clearly and distinctly asked for a "Kids Cuisine" for dinner. Most dads would simply rejoice at such improvement in articulation. But I, being a mom, am racked by guilt. Have I been working too much? Am I selfishly choosing career over motherhood? Am I neglecting my basic motherly duties? Will she get rickets? Good god, my little one can perfectly pronounce a brandname child's frozen dinner before she can even say "f'ozen."

Leftover Brisket

April 25, 2005

Since I decided to move my sites over to Dreamhost, I thought I'd give them a redesign at the same time...even though I have a design due to a client this week.

Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of periodic temporary insanity. A type of strange Internet-related premenopausal syndrome or something. Because I actually believed I could do all this and work with CSS for the first time without losing my mind. On second thought, maybe it's a form of megalomania.

Moms Helping Moms

April 8, 2005

I few days ago, I came across a really friendly site called Internet Based Moms. It's not a design site—seemed to me that most of the moms are running e-commerce sites from home and are fairly new to the web. But the forums are welcoming and helpful, and everyone seems very supportive. For work-at-home moms, we have double reason to need that support. Not only can our jobs isolate us, but having kids can severely cut down on your ability to social and interact with other grownups.

The Hill Looks Kind of Steep from Down Here

April 3, 2005

I've been on lone kid duty for four days now while Jon is at the Final Four in St. Louis. I haven't gotten much done. Well, I did go to two birthday parties, as well as a birthday dinner at Chuck E Cheese. And I've watched The Incredibles 39 times. In between getting sippy cups of juice and sitting on the footstool in the bathroom because a couple of the other inhabitants of this house are scared of being on the potty alone too long, I managed to finally get over to the CSS Zen Garden.


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