Resting, Back Ends and the Web 2.0

April 20, 2006

Lately I've been having a lot of conversations about the Web 2.0, and I have to tell you that, as a designer, it's starting to make me nervous. Not that I don't like the theories and web applications that are being dubbed "Web 2.0." But I can't help giving a little sigh and muttering, "W-ell, here we go again..." Just when I was getting a teeny bit comfortable with my knowledge level, the web changed on me again. Ha! Comfort as a web designer? Perish the thought.

Accessibility: No Longer an Option

February 19, 2006

When I look around the web, I'm astonished at the number of web sites that make little or no effort to comply with web standards or accessibility guidelines. And some of these folks...well, you can't help but think they ought to know better. For instance, this week it was announced that Target is being sued for violating the California Disabled Persons Act because its web site isn't accessible to visually impaired customers. You've got to wonder if this was much of a surprise to them. Is there anyone familiar with the web who didn't think lawsuits weren't coming? I'm just amazed it took this long.


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