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Basecamp Update and Evaluation

July 17, 2005

I promised an update on Basecamp and how it's working for me. I've used it now for two clients for about a month and a half. At first I was very enthusiastic about it. I really liked the idea of keeping all communications in one place, and I particularly liked the to-do lists. I set up two for each project--a designer's to-do and a client's list--so it was clear what each of us still needed to do.

First CSS Design Postmortem

June 28, 2005

After a short absence due to being buried under, I'm back to say... I finally finished the beta version of my first all-CSS design for a client. Yay! I'm very proud and tired. Here are my initial thoughts about building a "real" CSS site for the first time.

A Mother's Prerogative

June 19, 2005

Although my husband and I aren't particularly religious, our kids attend a Jewish Day School. Recently, I went to pick up the kids in the afternoon as usual, and my 6-year-old's teacher pulled me aside.

"Do you know what your son and another boy were playing on the playground at recess today?" she asked.

Passion & The Writing Process (Part II)

June 17, 2005

After a day or two of thinking it over, I realize that saying "the process and mechanics of writing don't matter" isn't a very helpful or illuminating statement. Yes, the how, when and where of writing is not very important. Fascinating, maybe, especially with eccentric writers (but who's ever heard of one of them?), yet ultimately inconsequential. But there is more.


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