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Who's Designing the Web: An Informal Survey of Us

January 16, 2006

I'm always curious about other web designers—who we are and why in the world we put ourselves through this. Is it for love? For money? Because no one else in the organization had the guts to take on HTML? So, here's a long-running survey that I hope some of you will bother to take. Hopefully (barring death or jokesters) I'll keep it running for years.

Long Time, No See

January 11, 2006

The new year has started and, with it, my resolve to find time for this blog. Between keeping up with clients and trying to spend more time with the family, this site got put on the back burner. Also, I have to admit I was tired of writing it—a little bored with reading and writing, talking and thinking so much about CSS. I needed a break from it.

Freelance Can Be the Pits

September 23, 2005

This blog has been quiet for a few weeks because I've just been too busy to write, and if I hadn't been, all I would have done is complain. Besides putting out fires and running around doing last minute changes to sites about to launch, I ran into the stickiest problem I've so far encountered in my short career as a web designer--and the problem had nothing to do with CSS.


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