AT&T Drops the Ball on Dropped Calls

October 19, 2008

I love the iPhone. The design, the features, the functionality—it's as close to a perfect little device as you can get. Unfortunately I can't summon up the same level of enthusiasm for AT&T. Although AT&T agrees that, yes indeed-y, I'm in their coverage area, 50% of my calls consistently have been dropped since the day I brought my shiny new baby home. Some days I'd be better off sending homing pigeons or signaling from the roof with a lantern like Paul Revere.

When I emailed AT&T about the situation, I received a lovely response informing me that AT&T doesn't guarantee "in-vehicle or in-building coverage." This gave me a moment's pause, as you can imagine. No buildings and no cars? That leaves...what? The backyard? Imagine my neighbors' reaction on seeing me at 10 o'clock, chatting with my mom in the middle of our street in my night gown. "Oh, hey ya', Bob! Coverage is great tonight. Love the new lawn gnome." If I were AT&T, I probably would have put that bit about the guarantee at the bottom of the email, not the top. A defensive stance never goes over well with irate people who have just paid you for a service you can't deliver. Instead, like some political personalities who shall go nameless, they would garner a lot more good will and maybe even some sympathy if they just came right out and admitted "Alright. Yeah, we screwed up. The coverage sucks. But we're working hard on it. Honest. Just give us a little more time." Common sense tells us it's a waste of time and energy to deny the obvious. Much better to just acknowledge a mistake, take your medicine, and instead spend your energy on correcting the problem. But common sense doesn't seem to have a lot of fans these days. Just look around.


Dang, Katt, this isn't what I wanted to read but I'm glad I did. I am having issues with Sprint although I'm generally happy with my 'iPhone-killer' Samsung Instinct, which does alot of things good but not spectacular. I was thingking that I could pay more to say, ATT or Verizon for more reliable servce but your problems make me thankful for the chronic billing errors with Sprint. Maybe I'll look at Verizon. Let me know if ATT steps their game up.

They should lots of competition going on. And everyone keep beating each other.

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Oh, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy...How was your service before you got the Iphone? Pretty much flawless right? Sooooo, what makes you think it's the AT&T service that's not working correctly? Just by reading this statement "50% of my calls consistently have been dropped since the day I brought my shiny new baby home"....SINCE THE DAY YOU BROUGHT YOUR SHINY NEW BABY HOME. It really doesn't take a genius to figure out the problem there. But who knows, Maybe AT&T has this button they click that says "Service Degrader" for the people, just like you, who thinks the newest most commercially promoted items from any kind of sales chain is the best.
Change your phone equipment and you will likely witness your service enhance itself....but how would I know? Maybe it IS the service....that just magically turned to crap when you got your Iphone. Do they make an App for that? Eat it!

Hmmm ....god forbid you blame your perfect little device !!! Last time I checked AT&T has landline service for inside buildings and car kits with external antennas are availble for a reason. No carrier can guarantee service everyhwere. Cellular is basicaly a radio frequency which even solar flares can cause interruptions. Oh god that means you could even drop a call while admiring Bobs land gnome! Try putting your sim back in your old phone . if the problem goes away guess what its the phone . Return it if your within the grace period but remember all phones are not created equal. Your old phone might not be as shineyor do everything the iphone does. What it does do, is what a cell phone is suppose to do make\recieve calls and does it better.

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Hi Kathy , better u change your phone equipments. Now we have modern technical equipments, you can try out that . I assure you that wont get problems like this. Let u try it out...

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AT&T sucks,especially their service.