Leftover Brisket

April 25, 2005

Since I decided to move my sites over to Dreamhost, I thought I'd give them a redesign at the same time...even though I have a design due to a client this week.

Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of periodic temporary insanity. A type of strange Internet-related premenopausal syndrome or something. Because I actually believed I could do all this and work with CSS for the first time without losing my mind. On second thought, maybe it's a form of megalomania.

Good god. On top of everything else, Passover hit. I had 25 people coming for a seder dinner I needed to cook, and I hadn't even shopped. I also hadn't cleaned the house in 3 weeks, always a disaster when you have two kids and two dogs. Somehow I found and made a brisket, and the evening turned out to be a success. The weather was balmy, the food was great, people got tipsy, and kids ran screaming through the house all night. Both my kids cried because they didn't find the affikomen--we're not a family of graceful losers--but otherwise the seder went off without a hitch. That is, it did if you like unconventional, disorganized, loud, messy seders. My favorite kind.

So, somehow the redesigns of Marks Design and this blog are done. My client is getting a CSS site, like it or not. And I have enough leftover brisket to feed us all for a week.

Life is good.